Young Writers Competition - Little Ripon Bookshop

This half term, the children in Class Five have been working extremely hard on their writing.  We decided to organise our own Young Writers Competition and were lucky enough to have the support of the Little Ripon Bookshop.

We have been looking very closely at a strange little book called 'Instructions' by Neil Gaiman.  This book wasn't a typical story, in fact on closer inspection it was actually a lyrical poem! We loved the authors use of imagination, twists and turns and knew that we could use this idea to develop our own writing!  With this as our stimulus, and the Young Writers Competition as our writing purpose, we started planning and then developing our own lyrical poems.  We thought carefully about the structure of the poem, the layout on the page and the illustrations that would compliment the imaginative vocabulary we had chosen to use. 

Once we had finally finished, we sent them off to be judged by the staff at the Little Ripon Bookshop.  After a week of waiting and wondering, we finally heard that a winner had been chosen and that the winning piece was in the bookshop window, for all of Ripon to see!

We needed to see who had won; it was  time for a brisk walk into town!  As we got closer to the bookshop, the tension and excitement began to build... finally one more corner and we would find out!

Standing on the pavement, we peered at the window and there was a sign saying 'Sharow Star Writers!'  Next to this were three pieces of our work... Evelyn Dodds - 1st Prize, Milly Briggs and Charlie Grunewald - joint 2nd prize!

With the excitement now at bursting point, we squeezed in through the door and were greeted by Gill who owns the bookshop shop.  Gill explained how impressed she was with the standard of the writing and how difficult it had been to pick the winners.  Gill then presented Evelyn with a £10 book voucher, while Milly and Charlie both received a £5 book voucher.  We then had an opportunity to look around the newly refurbished  shop, enjoy some wonderful books and some of the children even bought themselves a new book to read. 

Thank you to Gill at the Little Ripon Bookshop for all her support and well done to Class Five for working so hard; we are really proud of you all!

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