French Trip

Day 1

All arrived safe and sound. Had a great day.  Pasta for tea followed by a trip to the beach.

Day 2

A very busy day today: snail farm, goat farm, chocolate factory and walk around the town.  All having a great time and being their fantastic selves.

Day 3

Today has been fun packed with a trip to the market this morning to test our French bartering skills, and high ropes this afternoon to test our nerves.  Tea and then the beach, before our last night in France.

Dexter "My favourite part of our French trip would of been the beach because it was really fun jumping off the sand bank and it was perfect weather. I also enjoyed the snail farm because it was really unique and I met a friend called Mr Snail"

Macey "I really liked the goat farm because we got to try her own made apple juice and goat cheese. Before we went to see the goats we did this thing where we got this paragraph and we had to sing it in French. Me and Freya tapped on the table to make a beat, whilst Riley and Dexter sang (it wasn't very good!) and Ryan danced - we made a lot of noise"

Ryan "I really enjoyed the goat farm the most because when we finished the acting and song we went to the barn where there was billy goats and kids (baby goats). I was able to hold a kid, he kept on licking my arm and after that we were able to milk the goats. There was a goat that kept screaming at me so I milked it"

Freya "My favourite part of the French trip was the goat farm because I got new experiences and I got to see baby animals and milk goats; it was a lovely day. We also made bread in a goat head shape"

Riley "My favourite part of the French trip was probably the high ropes because I love things that are high and are an adventure. I also loved the beach where we got to jump off and bury each other. I loved it all and would go again if I got the chance"

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