Religion and Faith

We believe that it is hugely important for all children to learn about different world religions and to engender a sense of respect for all people of all faiths.  The children will grow up alongside people who practise different religions and those who have none.  We celebrate difference and seek to develop a shared understanding of some of the similarities and differences between religions.

We have an enquiry-based approach to learning, using the North Yorkshire RE curriculum, which gives the children a chance to ask questions and find out about religions.  As a Church of England school, we teach a good proportion of learning about Christianity and the values and stories that Jesus taught us and how they translate into modern day life.

P4C (Philosophy For Children) is one of our drivers for RE teaching and this is a forum for children that encourages debate and builds upon respectfully agreeing and disagreeing with others.  We find this a powerful tool to learn from and about each other.  The children learn to listen well to others and to build upon what has been said during the discussion.  These are enlightening sessions as we find out so much about what children think and feel about lots of ‘Big Questions’ (questions that there is no definitive answer to).

We have a beautiful church next door to school that helps with some of our learning about Christianity.

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