Fantastic - No Plastic!

Our Ambassadors, Liam, Evelyn and Neve are working hard to look at ways we can help to save our planet. 

After contacting the company Coolmilk, who provide milk free to all our under 5’s each day, they have replaced the coolmilk individual paper cartons and straws with 4ltr of milk cartons and introduced washable cups.

They contacted Harrogate Borough Council and have arranged for a cardboard/paper waste bin for non confidential paper (and the shredding from confidential papers) and a tin/glass bin to be delivered.

The Ambassadors have visited the waste recycling depot at Allerton Park to actually see what happens to the recycling we produce and finally they visited Fountains Abbey; making a sea turtle out of all the plastic that was accumulated in just 1 day. Well done Ambassadors!