Bronze Green Tree Award

Our Eco-Warrior team have worked extremely hard for the past term to achieve the bronze Green Tree Award. 

In order to achieve this they delivered a whole school assembly about 'The Man Who Planted Trees'. This told the story of a man who found a barren landscape, he decided to change this and planted 100 acorns. In years to come he returned to find a wonderful forest. The team then asked the rest of school some questions about woodlands such as; have you ever visited a woodland? and why do you think they are so important?

The Eco Warriors also planted two beech trees near the top of the field last October which the school won from the Autumn Flower Show. The final activity the team conducted to receive the award was lowering the schools CO2 emissions. They did this wonderfully by reminding staff and children to turn off lights, shut down electronics properly and close windows rather than turn the radiator up. Well done to our Eco Warriors: Frankie, Bertie, Holly, Amy, Poppy and Miss Tye.