Comic Relief - Share a smile

We certainly shared a smile and enjoyed some light-hearted relief today.

Class 1 hunted for red noses in their garden to make number bonds to 10 and decorated faces to make them look as silly as they can. 

Class 2 and Class 3 performed their best jokes "what do you call an octopus that tells the time?" A Clocktopus!

Class 4 learnt about the meaning of charity and why we needed to raise money to help people. Class 4 also completed word searches and spot the difference puzzles. 

Class 5 watched a video on children with disabilities and the importance of why comic relief raises money. They were particularly taken with Ethan who has cerebral palsy. Class 5 also took part in a red nose quiz.  

Thank you for your donations, we raised £77.50. This will remain active on Parentpay until Friday 26th March if you would still like to make a donation.