Excerpt from the most recent Ofsted report:

“From their starting points, pupils do well and make good progress by the time they leave the school. This is the case for different groups of pupils, including disadvantaged pupils, who often outperform their peers. It is also the case for all subjects, including reading, writing and mathematics. Teachers regularly use opportunities well to reinforce the key skills across all areas of the curriculum, which enhances pupils’ progress and ensures that they reach high standards. Thanks to strong teaching and a purposeful environment, pupils’ conduct is good and they have positive attitudes to learning.

Pupils are safe and feel well cared for. Attendance is consistently above the national average. This is because pupils like being at school. Leaders work very effectively to ensure that pupils have regular opportunities to enhance their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Leaders have worked effectively to make the necessary improvements identified at the last inspection. This has included working closely with teachers to ensure that they are given the right support and training to perform well in the classroom. In the early years, children make good progress across all learning areas so that they are well prepared for Year 1. This means that the large majority of children leave Reception with a good level of development.”

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