Sensational sculptures...

Well Class 4... we did it! FOUR sculptures in four days... AMAZING!

We started the week by exploring clay and how we could manipulate it into different shapes. I then set the class the challenge of creating their very own dragon eye and we were amazed at the results! Intricate design, lots of different texture and using the clay tools brilliantly... well done Class 4!

On Wednesday, we looked at the work of Antony Gormley. Can you explain to your family what some of his famous sculptures are called, where in the world they are and how you feel about them? We were truly inspired by his work and the fact that it is focused on the human body - which links beautifully with our English topic of the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. I then set the class the challenge of creating their own human sculpture on the playground. Within 5 minutes, we had an amazing sculpture which Aria named 'The Human Kick'. What did you think it should be called?

We then thought about the fact that sculpture can be both practical and beautiful. The children were given wire sheets and mod-rock and had to work really hard to try and sculpt their own pencil pot holder. This was the most challenging task so far and we could see lots of wonderful teamwork on display. The children supported each other before the mod-rock strips began to set! We will finish these next week...

On Thursday, we began to think about how sculpture can also be living and can grow, linking with what we already know about plants in science. We then started creating a very special living sculpture for Father's Day on Sunday. I am looking forward to seeing lots of pictures once the seeds start to sprout!

Such a busy week but we have learnt so much! On Friday, we will get to work with Dan Metcalfe - maybe we will inspire him with our sculpting talents?

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