Yorkshire Water Trip

Yesterday we went to visit the Yorkshire Water Treatment Works at Headingley. We met Vicki and Emma who we shared our brilliant understanding of the water cycle with. They taught us how water is cleaned from reservoirs to make it safe for drinking. We even got a tour to see the actual machines in action! We couldn't believe how many different steps there were. 

Then we learnt about good and bad water habits including hose pipes, running the tap whilst brushing teeth and the benefits of showers vs baths. The children were disgusted when they were shown an example of a blocked pipe and couldn't believe some of the things that Yorkshire Water have found. 

In the afternoon we learnt about Water Aid and we built our own toilet. Then we used some UV lotion to see how germs are transferred, Once we washed our hands we put our hands under a UV lamp to see how well we could clean them. We were very shocked about the amount still left on our hands.  

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