PE and Games

During their time at Sharow, children develop positive attitudes towards PE and physical activity through the provision of a fun, high-quality and inclusive PE curriculum that inspires and enables all pupils to participate in lessons, competitive sports and other physically-demanding activities. As a 'Healthy School', we also promote healthy lifestyles, including diet, nutrition, hydration and sleep, and help pupils to appreciate the wide-ranging benefits of leading an active, healthy lifestyle, including on their mental health.

Through PE lessons, our children develop resilience and learn transferable skills such as cooperation and collaboration, understanding fairness and equality of play and good sportsmanship. They enjoy being challenged, taking managed risks and finding ways to complete tasks they once found too difficult, using a growth mind-set approach.

High-quality PE lessons are delivered for one hour each week by the class teacher using Real PE, and for one hour each week by our Sporting Influence coaches. Children receive one hour of skills-focused activities each week, and one hour of sport-based activities, to ensure that they develop the fundamental skills of balance, coordination and agility, but are also able to participate in sporting competitions such as those facilitated by our link with the Well School Partnership. For more information about the Sports Partnership, visit

Children in years 3 and 4 will have weekly swimming sessions at the new Jack Laugher leisure Centre. 

Our federated school, Skelton Newby Hall, hosts an annual Cross-Country event for a number of local schools. It is held in the Summer Term in the grounds of Newby Hall.