Information for Parents provided by the Standards and Testing Agency (SATs)

Dear Parents or Carers,

Please find attached the Information for Parents provided by the Standards and Testing Agency. 

There is also some great information about KS2 SATS on the following website;

Additional Information:

How the tests will be administered

Tests are administrated following guidance from the Standards and Testing Agency (STA).   They must be administered on the correct day, as stated by STA, but the timing of this is decided by the individual school.  There will be two members of staff responsible for the administration of the tests.  Test papers are opened in the rooms where the tests are being administered, in sight of the pupils.  If any pupils are taking tests in a separate room, packs are opened in one room and then the pupils and their papers are taken to the other room to take the tests.

Pupils will be seated so that they are not able to view another pupil’s test paper and test conditions will be observed.

Pupils will be told when to begin their tests and given notice prior to the end of the tests.

Once the test is completed, papers will be securely stored until dispatch.

What assistance is allowed in the tests

The English reading test must not be read to pupils, except for general instructions. 

During the remaining tests, pupils may request that a question is read to them or ask questions about the test content and administrators can explain or rephrase a question, provided that they do not give away any subject-specific information.

How any access arrangements will be used

Some pupils with specific needs may require additional arrangements so that they can take part in the KS2 tests. Access arrangements are adjustments that can be put in place to support these pupils.  These arrangements are applied for or notified to the STA prior to tests being administered.

In our schools, some pupils have been allowed additional time, a reader or a scribe. 

How timetable variations can be used

We do not plan to implement any timetable variations, but may find it necessary if:

  • a pupil arrives late

  • a pupil was unwell at the time the test was taken and is now in a fit state to take the test

  • arrangements need to be made for a scribe because a pupil arrives in school with an injury

    If you have any concerns about the administration of the tests, or any allegations of maladministration, you should report them to the Standards and Testing Agency (STA) by contacting the national curriculum assessments helpline on 0300 303 3013 or