Anti – bullying campaign

Yesterday the children spent the morning looking at anti bullying and each class took part in different activities.

Class 1 looked at the storybook ‘Only One You’ to show us how we are all unique and different. They then created their own unique fish by decorating stones and displaying them together outside. "There's only one you in this great big world, make it a better place". 

Class 2 and 3 have explored the idea of how powerful one word can be. Children have designed their own kind word cobble and painted it to be placed near the new school buddy bench.

Class 4 have worked really hard to upcycle an old bench into a new 'Buddy Bench' for the playground. Next week, Class 4 will explain to the school how their new bench will help us all to flourish at playtime. If someone is in need of a friend or could do with hearing a kind word, they can sit on the bench and others will know that they need some support. Thank you so much to Mr & Mrs Baldwin for donating the bench.

Class 5 discussed what bullying was and how to deal with it. They created their own poems based on the poem ‘One Kind Word’ which will be displayed on their class windows.

Skelton School made a wall of kind words and children led a collective worship about anti bullying. The children also watched video clips, read stories, and all children took part in role play.