KS2 First Aid

After writing some very persuasive letters, Diamond Class and Class 4 received funding for all the children in Key Stage Two to be able to take part in a Mini Medics first aid course run by Watson Training Services.

This opportunity came at no cost to the parents or school as we were very lucky that the full amount had been covered by very generous donations from the Royal Engineers Association.  

The first part of the session was spent looking at identifying possible risks and dangers and the second part of the session was focussed on what to do if someone was unresponsive.

The children now understand how important their homework had been, as they had to pretend to call the emergency services.  They could then say their name, address and postcode while remaining calm on the phone.  Ruth then explained to the children the crucial first aid steps, to prevent further injury, potentially save someone's life and to keep themselves safe.