At Sharow Community Primary Schools our vision statement is

We promise to Flourish together

For a small school we can definitely make ourselves heard musically. We sing in church regularly and learn traditional and modern songs during term time both to celebrate Christian festivals but also to support the wider curriculum.

We get involved with cluster, rural and local events such as singing at the Royal Hall in Harrogate for a Kids Aloud concert and representing our school within the community through our KS2 school choir. 

Music is played in the classroom each morning and at different times through out the day so that we can develop our appreciation of listening to different styles of music.

Music is taught weekly using Sing Up planning and resources.  We have a collection of tuned and untuned instruments for the children to use and we also make use of music technology for composing and recording our work. 

Last year our classes were named after composers: Byrd, Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Berlioz & Britten and over the year the classes will learnt more about their composer.

Traditionally children rehearse and perform a variety of concerts and services throughout the year for parents and wider family audiences.

From September 2022 we began to use Sing Up to support the new Model Music Curriculum to ensure quality music teaching. 

Children are offered opportunities to learn instruments from peripatetic music teachers.