At Skelton Newby Hall and Sharow Community Primary Schools our mission statement is

We promise to Flourish together

For small schools we can definitely make ourselves heard musically. We sing in church regularly and learn traditional and modern songs during term time both to celebrate Christian festivals but also to support the wider curriculum.

We get involved with cluster, rural and local events such as singing at the Royal Hall in Harrogate and joining a choir of local rural schools for amazing carol concerts at Holy Trinity Church in Ripon.

Both schools in the federation learn the same songs, so that when we do join together for different events we can sing together.

Music is played at lunchtime and in the classroom at different times so that we can develop our appreciation of listening to different styles of music.

Music is taught in one week or two week blocks in line with the rest of our curriculum. Both schools have a collection of tuned and untuned instruments for the children to use and we also make use of music technology for composing and recording our work. 

The children do knowledge quizzes before the block begins and then in subsequent weeks to check progress and how well the knowledge and learning is embedded over time.

Traditionally children rehearse and perform a variety of concerts throughout the year for parents and wider family audiences.

We are finishing the current academic year by continuing to use an online resource called Charanga, but from September 2021 we will begin to use the new Model Music Curriculum.

During the pandemic, the music curriculum has been very different, as children have been unable to sing collectively, or play instruments due to the restrictions, however they have still been able to listen to and appreciate music of different genres.

Children are offered opportunities across the Federation to learn guitar and piano.

 During The Covid pandemic these have been acccessed online.