Wrap around care

All bookings to be submitted before 25th of the proceeding month. Any bookings received after this date for 3:15 club are charged at £9 per session. All bookings for breakfast club and 3:15 club to admin@sharow.n-yorks.sch.uk

Breakfast Club is a great start to the day.  Time spent with friends and an opportunity to have breakfast too.  We offer a selection of low sugar cereals, toast with cream cheese or low sugar jam or fruit. There is milk or water to drink.  At Breakfast Club we encourage children to be independent and prepare their own food - except for toasting.

3.15 Club will operate in the hall, but make the most of time outside too.  Each session provides an array of activities including: outdoor play, drawing, dance, construction, small world play, and more.  The sessions also have a themed focus:

Children are welcome to bring a healthy snack with them.  Snacks should comply with the school food policy and MUST NOT CONTAIN NUTS.  When collecting children please ring the doorbell at the main door near the office.

Breakfast Club  

Opening time: 7.30 a.m. till school begins Monday to Friday  

Available to: children in Reception to Year 6

Cost: £5 per session 

3.15 Club  

Opening times: end of the school day till 5.14 p.m. Monday to Thursday  

Available to: children in Reception to Year 6  

Cost: £7 per session if booked prior to the 25th of the proceeding month. Any bookings received after 25th will be charged at £9 per session 

What our parents say:

"... we appreciate the range of activities and resources that are now on offer at both breakfast and afterschool club. (He) is now coming home full of talk of Lego and loom bands at breakfast club and he loves all the dress up gear and activities at afterschool club. It really makes a massive difference as he is enjoying both so much ..."

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